I am grateful that I have worked with Medliant and pursued and achieved my goals coming here in USA. Thank you for all the support I needed starting life here. Medliant made me who I am today.


"Indeed a humbling experience and opportunity…Thanks Medliant for making my dream come true!"


"I would like to thank Medliant for helping me achieve my long time dream - to become an ER Staff Nurse in the US. In fact, they have chosen the facility that suits my nursing skills and capabilities and lucky enough to work with competent and awesome colleagues. With patience, perseverance and support of our staffing agency, it paved my way towards success.


"Medliant is one of the best recruitment agencies for nurses who aspires to work here in the US. The staff are very helpful, warm, and welcoming. They assisted us with all the requirements needed, and even paid for the review classes and examinations needed."

"Mr. Allen Miller and Ms. Lillian Castro, the big bosses of Medliant are the best. They never left us even during the "retrogression" and during US/global economic recession. They always kept in touch. And when we arrived here in the US together with my wife, Ms. Lillian personally took great care of us. She helped us with joy and was tireless in assisting us settle down and made sure we are safe and comfortable."


"It has been a notion for many that living abroad is very tough and challenging. Not in my case. Most nurses in the Philippines aim to work abroad and pursue greater opportunities. Medliant has stood as an aid for me in getting a career abroad and continued to be of help for me throughout my stay in United States. They had led me to a seamless hospital which actually fits all my expertise and all the trainings that I have commenced."

"The hospital they sent me in has augmented me as a person and has nurtured me with reputes to my line of work. Well, it is everyone’s objective to triumph with their goals and achieve a place in the sun in their own profession, and Medliant has helped me in attaining all my aspirations. Medliant turned out to be the bridge to the gaps I came across in fulfilling my reveries."


"As an RN, to live and practice our profession here in US is a dream come true. After I took my NCLEX in 2006, Retrogression started, waited seven long years and almost gave up - but Medliant did not! They have been so patient and encouraging in keeping us informed of how things were progressing."

"I greatly appreciate all their hard work, professionalism and expertise in guiding us all throughout the process of getting here and until I got my assignment. They just made things easier for us."

"Thank you for all the help, understanding and specially support for making our dreams possible."


"BELIEVE.. Medliant believed our knowledge and skills us nurses."

"TRUST.. Medliant trusted us investing in us to reach our goal."

"LOYALTY. Employee loyalty begins with employer loyalty."

"Without their help I would not be here building plans for myself and for my family. It is not only 1 person you help. With your kindness and faith it is worth it."

"Thank you Sir Al for your faith in Filipino nurses. Ma'am Lillian for your effort and sincere concern for us. Renee and Grace for keeping us updated."