Allen Miller, President and CEO

Mr. Miller brings more than thirty-five years of entrepreneurial and business operations experience in complex and ever-changing environments. Starting his career in the IT industry as a Consultant, he soon became Senior Manager of a $200 million data processing consulting firm. In 1984, Mr. Miller founded Deltam Systems, one of the earliest pioneers in recruiting highly-skilled IT professionals. In 1991, Mr. Miller decided to take his talents for recruiting onto the international stage. He built channels in England, India, Singapore, and the Philippines with the intention of bringing in highly-skilled international talent to fill the growing shortage of computer programmers in the United States. In 1993, the SF Business Times ranked Deltam Systems number 46 among the fastest growing privately held companies in Northern California. In 1998, he sold Deltam but retained its international recruiting channels, and formed a new company ICRG (International Consulting Resources Group) specializing in international IT professionals, which he successfully sold in 2004. Mr. Miller has an exceptional talent for insight. After much research and careful, well- thought-out planning, he decided to use his channels overseas to focus on filling the need for healthcare professionals. In 2001, he formed Medliant to provide quality, experienced, compassionate healthcare professionals to hospitals and healthcare employers throughout the U.S.

Lillian Castro, Vice President of International Operations

Ms. Castro has over 28 years of experience in the staffing and consulting industry including 21 years in international recruiting. Ms. Castro has extensive knowledge of international recruiting legislation and regulations covering the U.S. and U.K. Ms. Castro joined Mr. Miller at Deltam Systems in 1993 and again in 1998 in forming ICRG, and subsequently at Medliant in 2001. Ms. Castro is in charge of operations and all offshore contracting and recruiting. Ms. Castro holds a M.A. and a B.S. in Psychology.

Grace Gobaco, Operations Manager U.S.

Ms. Gobaco has 17 years of experience in the information technology and healthcare staffing industries joining Mr. Miller in 1997 at Deltam Systems and again in 1998 in forming ICRG, and at Medliant in 2001. Ms. Gobaco has a broad knowledge in immigration processing and healthcare licensing requirements. She has worked in technical recruiting, general management and administration. Prior to working for Mr. Miller, Ms. Gobaco worked in a commercial bank in the Philippines.  Ms. Gobaco graduated from the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City with a B.S. in Industrial Engineering.

Joanne Foy, Business Development Director

Ms. Foy has been part of Medliant’s success bringing staffing solutions to hospitals across the United States. Joanne has been in the staffing business for 28 years and has years of experience working with hospital personnel. She first worked for Mr. Miller in 1987 when he bought the company she was working for and again at Medliant. She has studied at both St. Mary’s in Indiana and UC Berkeley.

Arnel Ramoy, Resident Agent Director

Mr. Ramoy has 20 years of experience in the information technology and healthcare international staffing industries working with Mr. Miller as an international consultant with ICRG in 1995 and now with Medliant in 2001. His expertise is in corporate management in the field of logistics and business process outsourcing. Mr. Ramoy graduated with a degree in B.S. Physics.

Renee Valeriano, Operations Manager Philippines

Ms. Valeriano has 12 years of experience in the international healthcare staffing industry and has extensive knowledge in U.S. immigration processing. Her expertise is in recruiting, general management and administration. Prior to joining Medliant in 2005, Ms. Valeriano worked at the United States Embassy, Manila IV Section as a Foreign Service National reviewing documents and assisting consuls under Philippine Interactive Audiotext Services, Inc. (PIASI). Ms. Valeriano graduated from the Lyceum of the Philippines University in Manila with a B.S in Foreign Service major in Diplomacy.