"... honestly we’re not used to receiving the quality of nurses or service that you provide. "


"I am very pleased with the quality of Nurses from Medliant and the service that I have been given. Not only do we intend to permanently hire the nurses that they have provided, but we will continue to use Medliant to fill our nurse vacancies."

M.F., Executive Director, HR

"The international nurses we hired are skillful and professional. In fact some of the nurses have already been selected as candidates for management positions in the short time these nurses have been working at our facility. This goes to show that the nurses are of good caliber."

C.R., Regional Director, ED

"Medliant works very hard to make sure that their nurses are given every chance of succeeding and to make sure that their placement is a good fit. I have no doubt you will be exceptionally pleased if you enter into a working relationship with Medliant."

P.T., Mgr. Nurse Recruitment

"Most of my care was in the hands of three young nurses, RNs from the Philippines. These three young nurses, RN’s from the Philippines. These three highly skilled young ladies came to our country to seek a better life. They speak our language and fill positions we are in dire need of filling. They are a great asset to our country. Let us invite more of them."

R.J., Patient; Posted on county newspaper titled "Excellent Care from VV doctor, nurses"

"I wanted to express our satisfaction with Medliant. When you first offered us your international nurses we were a little leery as we have had issues in the past with foreign nurses. Your nurses are great, they came to our facility with great attitudes and were able to adapt and learn our system rather quickly. Their commitment and work ethics is something I wish could be taught in nursing school."

R.N., Dir. Of Nursing Services