Medliant's Commitment

  • Full-time employment for 24 months - count on our nurses as part of your long-term staffing plan
  • Ready to begin working at your facility - legal US residents on Medliant-sponsored Green Card
  • No-Risk, No-Upfront cost - billed after assignment has begun
  • Provide assimilation and relocation services - helping them transition comfortably to your facility and community

Medliant Nurse Credentials

  • Graduates of accredited nursing schools with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing - important for magnet status
  • Experienced with minimum of 5 years in acute care - good for patient safety
  • Certified by the International Commission on Healthcare Professionals (ICHP) - meets US Government's requirements for spoken & written English and comprehension
  • Selected and thoroughly prescreened by Medliant's experienced recruitment team - highly-qualified, already state - licensed to practice nursing in the US

Many of our nurses have previous work experience in other countries such as the United Kingdom, Singapore, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates, where English is the language of operation at these healthcare facilities.